Moss Removal and More in Coquitlam

Whether you’re preparing for the winter snows or summer rains, you want to keep your home looking its best. But you might not have the time or equipment to thoroughly clean your house. No matter which service you need, you can count on the diligent cleaners at Nick’s Gutters.

Our expert services include pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and moss removal. We can even take care of your home all year round.

—- Services Offered —-

All-Exterior Building Wash

Give your home the ultimate makeover with our low-pressure building wash. We use soft, eco-friendly soaps, and our gentle process ensures no damage is done to your home and property.

Pressure Washing

If you want to eliminate mildew and other hard-to-remove substances from your home, we can provide a thorough pressure wash.

Roof Treatments

While we’re already cleaning your gutters, ask us to clean the debris and moss from your roof as well. Our roof treatment helps to prevent roof damage and degradation caused by moss and debris.

Inside Gutters

When leaves and other debris clog your gutters, your gutters can’t properly direct rainwater away from your house. We remove debris from your gutters to prevent damage to your home.

Outside Gutters

Along with cleaning the inside of your gutters, we can also scrub the outside with biodegradable soap.

Interior Windows

Our employees work to make your interior windows match the beauty and shine of your exterior ones.

Exterior Windows

Get your windows cleaned at least twice a year to remove dirt and smudges, and to better let in sunlight. Our technicians use equipment like mops, squeegees, and water-fed poles for an expert clean.

If you need more than one of these services, sign up for our year-round care. We offer services like window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and moss removal in Coquitlam throughout the year, but you pay the same amount for life.

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